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Stay Safe

They're talking on the television about yet another college girl who was raped and killed on campus. One of the last girls who saw her alive was quoted as saying, "I used to never lock my door. I felt sooo safe on campus."

There's nothing that makes me more angry than hearing people say this.

I grew up in Miami never trusting anyone at all. When I am at Cornell, I lock my door. Constantly. I lock the door when I go to the bathroom. I don't need my stuff stolen for being careless, and more importantly, I don't need to put myself at danger.

I'm kind of unique for thinking this way.

I can't keep count of how many fellow collegiates in Ithaca never lock their doors. Not just students in dorms… people living in houses on the street included. Some of them even leave their windows open. Maybe I haven't said it to their faces (I don't actually talk to most of them), but these students are morons. I'm not trying to be smug here; it's in their own interest that they stop being so na├»ve.

The truth is that a lot of women get assaulted or raped at college. A lot of students get robbed. The perpretators never have to use much effort. Usually the door is just open. It's disgusting.

What I'm still most angry about is something that happened during my freshman year. I was talking to a fellow freshman girl and was surprised to hear that a friend of mine was studying at the library as late as 4 in the morning and then walking back. She had done this a couple times and I didn't like the thought of this. When I voiced my concern to the girl I was talking to, she got angry with me! She said that I was being overprotective and that I should recognize that my friend is old enough to take care of herself. I stopped talking to that girl after that. I was furious at having my concern devalued, and I still think this girl was being a total moron. I think it's very fortunate that nothing ever happened to my friend, and I still pray for the safety of her and other fellow students on campus.

But if you are a college student and you take one thing from reading my website, listen up:

Lock your doors!

For your own sake, be proactive. Don't wait until one of your friends gets hurt to start taking your own safety seriously.

This entry is dedicated to Tiffany Marie Souers.

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