Christian Montoya

4 years

Today marks 4 years with my fianceé.

Domo-Kun and Taachan

Rather than bore you all with gushy details and love poems, I figured I would share a little of the past 4 years with some pictures.

Domo-Kun partying alone

Here I am in my early bachelor days. I was having a crazy time, but I was also lonely.

Domo-Kun talking to Taachan

Here I am asking my fianceé to be my girlfriend. I was a bit nervous but fortunately she didn't reject me.

Domo-Kun walking in the rain with Taachan

The beauty of commitment is that you bond immensely with your significant other. My fianceé and I have had many bonding moments like this one, and not just because it rains a lot in Miami.

Domo-Kun jumping towards the night sky

Here I am leaving for Germany. It's too bad that I'm not in Madison, Wisconsin with my fianceé to celebrate our 4 year anniversary together, but times are hard. I wish I had more pictures but these 4 years have gone by faster than I expected. Here's to many more.

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