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My dream job

I'm glad I've had my 3 internship experiences, since they have shown me the things I don't want to do in life. The first summer at Lockheed Martin showed me I don't ever want to work in the defense industry. The second summer at General Electric showed me I don't ever want to work in business-to-business production, or deal with unions, or climb over large diesel engines. This summer at Mainova has shown me that I don't want to work in public industry, or wear overalls.

Fastforward to now

Today might have been the worst day of my current internship. If I never mentioned it before, I hate construction. There has been ongoing construction throughout Miami ever since I was a kid and I'm sick of it. They've had it at Cornell since I started studying there too, and it will still be there when I graduate. I hate the terrible mess, the noise, the dust in the air, and the shirtless guys standing around doing nothing most of the time.

Today, I worked at a construction site.

Don't ask me how an engineering student who focuses on computer-based digital hardware design found himself carrying heavy equipment at a construction site… in Germany, speaking German, wearing a cheesy pair of blue overalls. I really can't explain that one. Today was just lame, and now that I have 3 internships under my belt, not a single one related to anything that I actually want to do with my life, I can't help but reflect on what my dream job really is.

Sometimes, when I'm adjusting my helmet and ignoring the mumblings of my coworkers in a language I still struggle to understand, I think about what I want to be when I grow up. Now it actually matters too, since I'm a moment away from getting there.

Things I would be more than happy with

In typical save-the-best-for-last pro-blogger fashion, these are the things I wouldn't mind doing for the rest of my life. I wouldn't even have much to complain about:

Digital Designer
Doing what I've actually been studying all this time would obviously be rather nice, since I haven't done it in a work setting yet. Digital design is easy and fun, since the math boils down to a very straightforward set:
  • 0+0 = 0
  • 0+1 = 1
  • 1+1 = 1
  • 0*0 = 0
  • 0*1 = 0
  • 1*1 = 1
That's it. It's so easy, you could be a digital designer too (note: total lie). Even if it's not easy, I like it. I could totally work for Intel, spending day and night cramming more and more transistors into a microscopic chip so little Jimmy can get 300 fps in Halo 3. If it makes Jimmy happy, I'll be glad to do it. With overtime pay.
Web Developer
If you don't already know that I like web development, you are probably visiting for the first time. This is, however, a bit of wishful thinking, since I'm still just an amateur. Unless I can find someone who will pay me a lot of money to hack up little worthless PHP scripts, this isn't happening.
CSS Celebrity
Does this job pay at all? Do these even exist? If you are looking to hire one of these, contact me. Please.

I want to do some consulting for fresh web 2.0 startups. There would be lots of giggling, and I would end all project reviews with the same line: "Your product needs more tagging."

Ok let me be serious on this one. I would love to do consulting. I could consult a lot of businesses too, since I have such broad experience with technology. I even blog about technology. How many consultants do that?

Oh yes. Yes yes yes. Wait until I start raving about my teaching assistant position next semester.

Do any of these have to do with construction? I didn't think so. There's no shirtless guys either.

But enough with the runner-ups.

My dream job

My dream job, and I kid you not here, would be professional blogger. Professional as in, making enough money to act all high-and-mighty around amateurs. I could travel the world and share useless information like kottke. Or I could turn my failure into success and write about being a mom/wife like dooce. Or I could just talk nonsense all day long like scobleizer. Actually I can't do any of that because it's already taken. I would have to come up with other lame ideas that catch on. I just know that I would like to sit around all day and run my yap, kind of like I do now but with a greater frequency, and no interruptions from working at construction sites (bitter still? kinda). Besides, no one can accuse you of doing it for the money when it's your job.

Can you imagine? Can you just imagine? "My name is Christian Montoya. I'm a blogger. You can purchase an advertising spot on my blog for $20,000 a month. There are 32 spots, but 51 have already been filled. I can sell you the spot and not show your ad at all, which would still be worth your money. Interested?"

I might have to do a master's degree in blogging, at the Cornell School of Wishful Thinking. (My apologies to anyone who is miffed by my persistent sarcasm in this entry.)

For all my college buddies out there: what's your dream job? What's the likelihood you'll ever attain it?

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