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I need the money

Looks like e-mails have been somewhat popular on blog posts lately. Read on:


I would like to buy your domain, if possible.

If you are able to sell and release the rights to this domain please let me know. I am looking to buy within a week or two so let me know how much it would cost to take over this domain.


[name withheld]

Well, looks like this could at least pull me out of credit card debt, so I made a practical offer:

Hello Mike,

My domain is available for a reasonable price. Read on and see if you are interested:

According to data from Technorati and research by Tristan Louis, my blog is worth $149,038.56 [1]. Considering the projected value of my blog over the next year as inbound link traffic and search ranking increase, the price of my domain ( currently stands at $250,000.00. Please understand that this cannot be paid via an online service such as Paypal; if you are interested in buying this domain, you must send your payment as a check via USPS Priority Mail.

If you are serious about this purchase, I recommend that you also legally change your name to Christian Montoya. It would really help your search engine optomization. You should also considering hiring me to write on this domain; at $80,000 a year I could assure you an entry every day.

Alternatively, I can offer a subdomain ([name] for example) for the low price of $10,000.00. Otherwise, if you are purely interested in the SEO value of my site, consider purchasing a Text Link Ad [2]. Your ad will appear on all pages of my site for less than $50.00 a month.

I look forward to doing business with you.




Hopefully I make this sale… I need the money.

Oh, and happy birthday to me :)

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