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It had to happen eventually… turns 1 today. I figured the best way to celebrate this first of (hopefully) many more birthdays to come would be to look back on this site's humble beginnings, past acheivements, and little known facts. Break out the party hats and read on…

Humble Beginnings

This site was born into the dark, cruel world of Dreamhost web hosting on September 12, 2005 at 3:19 PM, the time of its first post. Interestingly enough, I started writing this entry at 3:19 PM, though my slow typing has caused 7 minutes to pass since then. September 12 is the official birth date, though the actual birth was not so exact. Labor was a long and painful process, and this site was pushed back into the womb more than once before this date. I decided to work on making my own site on its own server in the summer of 2005 as I started to teach myself Javascript. I then got into web programming blogs and learned about PHP and CSS. I figured it would be a good idea to buy my own server space and a domain. I went with a name I knew well and signed up with Bravenet. Mistake #1. Bravenet gives its users a lousy server setup that doesn't allow .htaccess, so I was unable to run WordPress. I ended up using Nucleus CMS which was okay for blogging but didn't offer much more in features. For the time being I was able to learn a few tricks with PHP and practice designing with CSS. I had a really cool domain which happened to be ""

Fastforward a couple months and I was moving to Dreamhost (mistake #2) after I heard about their crazy storage and bandwidth for shared plans. I finally had a decent server but I was bitter about not being able to install WordPress on Bravenet so I started out with Textpattern. Mistake #3. After about a month of playing around with Textpattern I figured WordPress might be easier to costumize and I finally decided to install it. Finally I was doing something write. At this point it was fair to say my site was really born, though the address at this point was "" My first post is here: WordPress rules. Reading that post will reveal another little known fact:

The original name of this blog was "Running Duck Producktions."

Don't ask me to explain that one, I really don't know. The move to happened on November 20, after I decided that hosting my blog as a subdomain and using a cheesy name for it were only hurting its success. I figured if Phil Renaud was doing well with his name-as-domain-setup, then I could benefit from it too. Hence, the change.

Acheivements and such

I started this blog with the conviction that I could someday build it up to be successful. It was just a matter of working through the long months of Z-list status and taking advantage of every promotion option I could find. I think that in the past year, things have gone really well. I managed to get Dugg a few times, both of my designs so far have been features on CSS galleries, I got a couple mentions on big sites (like Lifehacker), and I was added to 9rules in the last round of submissions. More importantly, I've been having fun the whole way. I wasn't having too much fun when I was rejected for 9rules last November, but like I said, there were some long months. I'm doing really well now :)

Edit: I almost forgot to mention that a week ago I moved this site to a new server run by Zanzaban. You can thank him for the increased speed and reliability.

A quick zeitgeist:

  • I've posted 251 entries (including asides) in the past year. That's one update every day and a half, or almost 5 posts a week.
  • Though this is a "design" blog, the "life" category has the most entries. Design entries only make up 20% of the total.
  • The original 4 categories were life, design, technology, and news. I added "Flock It" after GFY was closed, I added "Blogging" after I started sharing blog tips and news, and I added "Asides" when I decided I needed a space for short entries.
  • Useless numbers… Technorati Rank: 6,180. Total Feed Subscribers: 270. Alexa Rank: 89,732. Cost of a text link on this site: $45/month.

Bringing it all back to you

Considering that this birthday celebration is just as much about you as anything else, I would like to extend the opportunity to all lurkers to celebrate this past year with something totally new: a comment. So if you've been lurking, as in, you've never left a comment before, then now is the time to change history. Tell me what's up :)

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