Christian Montoya

Paper: Vertical Search, Meta Information, and XML

One of the tasks we have in my CS 431: Architecture of Web Information Systems class is "Reaction Papers," which involve selecting some of the readings we have covered throughout the past few weeks, picking an extra reading that we discover on our own, and then using those readings to formulate a topic and write a focused paper that relates to the themes we discuss in the course.

We had our first reaction paper a week or two ago and I chose "Vertical Search, Meta Information, and XML" as my topic. I got a pretty good score on the paper so I figured it might be good enough to share with everyone else. Be warned, though… this is just a college paper from a college student, so I can't promise any fireworks. If you are still interested, check it out:

Vertical Search, Meta Information, and XML [PDF, all rights reserved]

Oh, and did I mention the whole thing is almost six pages long? You might want to make some hot chocolate before you get started ;)

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