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The obligatory post-PC construction post

Did I mention that I was building a PC? I finished it last Sunday but never got a chance to write about it. I bought all the parts from Newegg, which came out to a total of $1169.99 with shipping. Have a look at what that kind of money bought me:

All the parts

This was my desk before my new PC:

Old computer setup

I decided to move from a laptop to a desktop since I am no longer taking my computer anywhere and I need a unit that cools well and is easy to expand. Plus, I can get much bigger monitors with a desktop.

The build process was okay… I installed all the parts Friday night with the help of some very poor instruction manuals and hooked up all the power, but when I tried it out I got no display. What a huge disappointment. At that point I posted the entry "No Signal." I tried a couple things the following morning, like moving the video card around, but after some Interweb searches I found the problem was actually very simple: I didn't connect the 4-pin ATX power plug. I was certain that this plug was optional, but I was wrong. As soon as I connected that, everything powered up and the computer worked just fine. What a relief.

Afterward was the long software process. Windows Vista 64 Home Premium installed very nicely without any problems, and Ubuntu 64 Feisty Fawn installed fine too, though that install became useless when I tried installing some drivers from NVIDIA. On Sunday I had to delete my Ubuntu install, reinstall it, and use Envy to get working NVIDIA drivers. After that my problems were all taken care of. I built my first computer, and it works! Plus, it's very quite and cool, which is a huge relief. Here are some more pictures:

Inside (wires)
This is a tribute to the blue monster
Bongo sounds

And here is my desk with the new PC. The laptop will be gone in a couple weeks. Consider this the new home of The Montoya Herald, and everything else I do, really.

New setup

This Flickr set has the rest of my pictures, and there's a lot of them: Custom PC build September 2007.

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