Christian Montoya

Construct 0.1 alpha

I came up with a layout tool based on Blueprint, and I call it "Construct." It was built with jQuery, which makes this stuff really easy. Plus, it's lightweight… 31.7 Kb for jQuery + the Dimension plugin (both packed), 6.74 Kb for Blueprint (compressed), 1.34 for the Construct CSS, and 6.24 Kb for the Construct Javascript. That's, um, about 46 Kb.

Construct Test 1

Construct is a lot like Don Albrecht's Blueprint Layout Generator (which has been updated since I last mentioned it), except that I wrote Construct from scratch so it has my own ideas. I used keyboard mappings for most of the functionality; selecting elements, sizing columns, etc. As of yet, I haven't done anything to process the editor's state (like, say, create actual HTML markup from it), but my plan is to figure out ways to do that entirely via Javascript, so that a user can use this as a start-to-finish layout tool just as I promised a while back.

Anyway, feel free to take a look at it. I'll probably be working on it tomorrow and I'll post updates as I go.

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