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Blueprint version 0.9

Just after reporting that Blueprint is rather stable at version 0.8, a couple of big changes have prompted an update to version 0.9. Here's the skinny:

  • Forms.css has been vastly improved with the addition of attribute selectors (so you don't have to use .text, .button, .checkbox or .radio classes if you don't care about IE 6) and formatting code for inline forms (if you want a form to be all inline, just add the class .inline).
  • The conditional comment for IE is now [if lt IE 8], because IE 8 is good enough that we don't have to apply ie.css for it!

The new forms code is something I'm very proud of. Sean K. Stewart submitted the proposed changes, and I rolled it together with some ideas of my own to make this:

/* Form fields
-------------------------------------------------------------- */
input.text, input.title, 
textarea, select { 
  border:1px solid #bbb; 
input.text:focus, input.title:focus, 
textarea:focus, select:focus { 
input.text, input.title,
textarea, select {
  margin:0.5em 0;
input.title   { width: 300px; padding:5px; }
input.title   { font-size:1.5em; }
textarea      { width: 390px; height: 250px; padding:5px; }
input[type=checkbox], input[type=radio], 
input.checkbox, { 
  position:relative; top:.25em; 
form.inline { line-height:3; }
form.inline p { margin-bottom:0; }

I highly recommend that everyone upgrade their sites to this latest version, as I can't guarantee that previous versions won't create problems with IE version 8. As always, follow Blueprint on Twitter for the latest updates.

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