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A Small Update on Montoya Industries

In the interest of full transparency, here's where I'm at with Montoya Industries:

I cancelled my Patreon campaign. I only had 5 pledges if I recall correctly. In hindsight, crowdfunding is something I should have started doing a year ago when I was starting out as an indie developer, but the Patreon model would probably not have been effective anyway since I am not releasing content often enough (even if you count a project like the MoVA). Still, it would have been nice to bring in enough money on a monthly basis to cover the bills without having to seek a full-time job. Coincidentally, I have $0.86 in my Patreon account that I can't withdraw because the minimum withdrawal amount is $1. Lame.

The impending cancellation of the Parse backend service has thrown a huge wrench in my app plans. Parse was attractive primarily because it was free for apps that don't have a lot of traffic. I wouldn't have had to invest a lot of money to support a project until that project would presumably be profitable on its own. I really don't want to go down the route of setting up my own backend service (playing sysadmin on top of developer / designer / marketer / customer service rep is a bridge too far) but I will have to find some kind of solution before the end of the year. Chances are that I will rig something up for GIF Jockey since all that app really needs is a publicly hosted JSON datastore and I can probably accomplish that with the Amazon backend GIPHY has graciously provided me. Meanwhile, I will most likely have to remove No More Kings from the app store indefinitely while I make plans to eventually rebuild the game from the ground up (it has a lot more problems than just relying on a dead backend service).

As for my financial situation, I am currently interviewing for a full-time position. My cycle of being self-employed / not self-employed is starting to sound like a broken record but considering that I now have a mortgage, two kids and my loyal student loan debt to pay down, I simply cannot go any longer without a steady income. Meanwhile, my various projects, which I will admit are not the kinds of projects that are likely to be financially rewarding, will have to be side-projects for the foreseeable future. This obviously means that I can't make any promises as to how soon I will be launching any of the projects I have in progress but at least I can guarantee that with my workaholic tendencies I'm bound to ship something eventually. The current plan is:

  1. Wrap up HyperSpin, a one-button arcade game I'm developing for iOS / Android
  2. Finalize and launch GIF Jockey for mobile as well as the latest update of GIF Jockey for desktop. This will include the long-awaited custom collections feature, which allows you to save your custom collections locally for easy retrieval, as well as the ability to blend two GIFs at once. Post-launch I plan to revive my efforts to bring professional GIF artists on the platform, provided the app gets a positive reception from users.
  3. Build and launch the sequel to No More Kings, "Anarchy," with improvements addressing all the things I did wrong with N.M.K., and after that, the reworked version of N.M.K., which will probably be called "No More Kings Deluxe."

And of course I will continue to update the MoVA :)

If you have questions regarding any of these projects I'm working on feel free to reach out. Otherwise I recommend subscribing to the Montoya Industries newsletter so that you can be the first to hear about my products when they launch or are ready for beta testing. Thanks!

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